The Hajj Pilgrimage

As a cooperative in a country where Islam is the official religion, Koperasi Khazanah Suria KL Berhad (KKSB) understands the significance of the Hajj pilgrimage (Haji) for our fellow Muslim members. Therefore the cooperative offers savings for this holy pilgrimage which returns compound interest. In other words, the money saved will grow exponentially and quickly accumulates to the sufficient amount required to travel to Mecca.

It’s never too late to start organizing your finances for Hajj. With travel and accommodation to pay for in advance, you may need to organize additional finances. At KKSB, we understand the costs involved and how to prepare – because we know that a pilgrim has more important things to think about.

Talk to us about a variety of ways we can help you and/or your family set aside money or save up for that most important trip. Our advisers are standing by to brief you on how to start planning as well as the options we have available to help you attain your financial goals early for your trip.

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