Financial Planning

In order to generate continuous profit, the cooperative will actively engage in a wide range of strategic investments. The investment specialists of Koperasi Khazanah Suria KL Berhad (KKSB) are extremely experienced and employ pragmatic approaches when facing tough decisions. The strategy is to have a diversified investment portfolio both long and short.

The cooperative’s diversified investments cover many fields including plantations, farming, real estate, housing developments, equity markets, emerging technologies, IT and many more.

Whether your goal is to save for retirement or just to ensure you have extra money for a rainy day. KKSB provides experts in financial planning that are ready to consult and provide you with a personal way to reach your financial goals and to save on taxes.

** For members who have achieved accredited investor status, KKSB also has an elite bespoke investment category where the objective is ultra-high returns and Alpha for those with the appetite for bigger risks but extremely rewarding returns in traditional and non-traditional asset classes. Contact Us and ask for our Elite Bespoke Investment Advisor.

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