Capital Loans

Koperasi Khazanah Suria KL Berhad (KKSB) practices equality where all members from any background, any social status, any race or any religion have equal chances to apply and have access to loans for business purposes. For those in need of financial assistance, the cooperative offers micro-financing where small amounts of monies are tailored for the need of such people and needs.

If you are in a situation where you do not have the best or sufficient credit rating, simply do not possess any credit rating or do not have access to traditional classes of collateral, then you understand that the banks most likely do not have programs or services that can help you.

We cover the area where banks are unable to help and service people and our members that are unable to source funds from the banks. That is the power of our cooperative!

One of the reasons the cooperative is doing this is to improve the quality of life of low-income families, for instance, the rural communities and single mothers by assisting them in pioneering their own businesses and to be self-sufficient in generating income and improving their quality of life.

The KKSB Capital Loans/Working Capital program is designed specifically so that members have access to ready, liquid cash on favourable payback terms and conditions. We believe in helping small business owners, would-be entrepreneurs to succeed both in life and in business. Whether you are looking for an advance on a receivable or experiencing short term cash flow issues or simply need some extra money for an unforeseen event, KKSB is here to help!

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