What is Bespoke Investment?

Different investment funds offered and managed by KKSB that have extremely high returns.

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  • Opportunity to invest in non-traditional sectors.

  • Opportunity to participate in Pre-IPO and private placements of up and coming unicorn/firms.


Much higher returns than traditional investments. Diversify your portfolio. Ability to purchase investments that are not available to the general public.


Detailed insights into our investments will be provided.

Monitoring &

All portfolio changes and positional changes will be reported.

Access Pre-IPO’s or
and Private Placements

Purchase shares in Pre-IPO companies or Private Placements traditionally reserved for institutional investors.


Funds invested are held in a Trust Account giving you 100% security.

AI &

Active AI-assisted algorithmic portfolio management.

Privacy &
Tax Advice

Access to our offshore-banking service for utmost privacy and tax benefits.

Invest In Cryptocurrency

Invest in the world’s premier asset-backed Crypto Coin.
The Biotheum Coin | BTH

BTH Coin


Investment Partners


Invested in BTH Coin

Our Funds

Some of the funds that have/or anticipated to launch in 2019.

Biotheum BTH Crypto Coin & Wallet

The world’s best Asset-Backed Crypto Coin.

  • Crypto Coin that is 100% back via the valuation of revenue producing Agarwood Tree and Oud Products.

  • Visa/Mastercard Credit Card that is funded through your own Crypto Wallet with KKSB.

FX Fund

Algorithmic trading using Artificial Intelligence.

  • Benefit from fluctuations in the Foreign Exchange Markets.

  • Actively managed via algorithms and AI.

Pre-IPO Fund

Invest in the next Facebook, Grab or Alibaba!

  • Purchase shares in pre-public (Pre-IPO) companies.

  • Invest in the latest unicorns (Companies valued at more than US$1 Billion) throughout the world.

How it works?

The KKSB bespoke investment programs and funds are available to qualified cooperative members.

Achieve Higher Returns

Diversify your portfolio. Engage our Family Office services and achieve higher returns.

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